5x5 Book of curated inspirational quotes and images of the coastal lowcountry.  

See below for the story behind the book and connect with me for a copy!

Positive Energy


Okay here’s the truth.


I worked myself out of a job about a year ago. While seeking employment, I spent the past few months on a hunt for positivity and strength inside myself.  Uplifting Instagram posts have been a source of inspiration.


I’ve gone to church, yoga and volunteered. I’ve written, I‘ve interviewed. I have reached up, out and around. Two weeks ago I watched my dear mother’s partner die.  My father has diabetic wounds on his once-strong legs. I feel sad and disheartened.


Yet here I am.


I find joy in sunrises, nature, running, sailing and writing___gifts given to me from the South Carolina Lowcountry and from the Cosmos.


Writing was initially therapeutic but has become a favorite pastime. Combining positive messages and nature photos shared via social media brings me peace.


I have a deep need to record life, what has happened “to me” and what I have experienced in an effort to educate, uplift, and entertain.


I want to articulate what I am thinking and report the story that exists in everything. I blog and emulate quotes I love by writers I love. I want to tell the truth as I see it, and keep it real.  I have questions. 


After a year of documenting this beautiful place we call the Lowcountry, I have selected a curated set of quotes and images with overriding themes of joy and faith.


I dedicated the book to my parents because all I ever wanted is for them to be proud of me.  I probably should have dedicated it to me too because this whole “mission” is about finding love and value from within.  That said, I want you all to be proud of this young woman who took a different route and followed her heart.  I hope you are inspired.  You can do whatever you set your mind to.  Do not lose faith.  I know it is hard. Follow your dreams, persevere, be a gift unto yourself and enjoy these Gifts from the Lowcountry!