Hidden Force

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If there is one thing I can say about the dynamic sport of sailing, there is always a life lesson involved. 


The wind is invariably in flux. Being around it is a steady reminder that if you just wait a minute everything will change. And if you have a little conviction, you will come out of the change stronger.


I am not the only person who feels this way. I recently discovered this passage about expert sailor Nigel Rowe’s plight during a stormy race: “he discovered a hidden force within him that could take over at difficult moments…giving him a new level of assurance.”


For me, this assurance is a magical concoction of acceptance, peacefulness and confidence garnered through time on the water. We can all use a little bit of faith right?!


So I took off to find this elixir last week. As I walked down the dock, I was immediately calmed by the creaking of the weathered planks beneath my flip flops, the warm breeze on my face and the familiar muddy scent of the Carolina marsh. Ahhh…


I rigged the J 22 and set sail, gliding upwind toward Fort Sumter…the rail bouncing in and out of the water. It wasn’t long before I got my “test” as I soon found myself in “middle ground” (a shallow hazardous sandbar below the surface) and felt a sense of panic.  Would I be able to navigate this area? What if I run aground? What if I am swept out to sea? 


I took a deep breath, felt a puff, adjusted the sails and moved on….and just like that I was relieved. I got beyond a scary moment.


What carried me through that fear (nothing compared to Mr. Rowe’s experience) was my breath and knowing deep inside that I would be okay. I have been here before, will most certainly be here again, and I can do this.


The Lesson

Nothing is stagnant, especially air.  We are always one breath away from transition. Be PREPARED to acquiesce and be flexible.


If you’re feeling low, be patient because change is right around the corner.  

A fresh breeze will remind you there is a hidden force within that will carry you to higher ground. You can depend on it. That is just way the universe works!

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