Pet Peeve


Mini, my teenage calico, had to go to the vet this week for a routine checkup. This is never a fun event and causes great anxiety for a usually frisky, snuggly, lap sitting, face licking, tail wagging feline. 


So you can imagine our excitement upon arrival when the nurse announced she’d sprayed the room with “Feliway”, a synthetic pheromone that helps relax animals. It is cannabis for cats and it worked.  Her shrill meeeeowwwwwwss dissipated after 5 minutes of sitting on the Feliway-sprayed towel and breathing the calming fumes.  


Afterwards, as we pulled onto the road, we were moving slowly as Mini doesn’t ride in a carrier. I know this is unsafe and there is some statistic that 90% of car accidents are from cats squirming around by the brake pedal. The last time this loving ball of orange, black and white was put in a carrier, she chewed her way out. Like most of us, she does not do well with captivity. Thus, she has free reign in the car…we drive a little slower and make our turns with the utmost caution. 


Taking it slow is not natural for me. Typically I am zipping around and moving fast. On the road I loathe inefficiency, incompetency, and people who cannot drive (the entire state of Florida).  One of my biggest pet peeves is drivers going slow in the left lane. While I’ve never understood road rage, I have caught myself saying to those slow pokes, “What the heck are you doing?”


Today the tables were turned as we crept along the boulevard. I watched the cars fly by and I was the slow poke/pet peeve….arguably Mini is the pet part of that equation.


Anyhow, my words of wisdom for the day are to reevaluate what irks you. You never know what’s going on in the car next door or in others’ lives. Maybe they have a baby on board, or a puppy.  OR maybe they’ve had a really rotten day and are in tears and not able drive normal.  Slow down and take a second look. Things may not be as they appear.


Furthermore, getting worked up about stuff you cannot control is not going to help anything. Perhaps we all need to relax more…and have a hit of Feliway!

Mini taking it slow

Mini taking it slow