Not in Kansas Anymore

ruby slipper.jpg

We were in the throes of pre-hurricane prep at the store and I found myself in the kid’s department racks feeling low while straightening up. As I knelt down to grab a loose garment, I noticed a red translucent jelly slipper (like the ones we wore in the 80’s) sparkling on the linoleum floor. Oh the irony! Was I Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz? Was Hurricane Florence going to pick us up and plop me in a foreign land?

Our seaside community had been given ample time to plan/stress out before the storm. I was bummed about having my week rearranged as my thoughts spiraled like Florence: nothing ever goes as it should, everyone else is at hurricane parties and doing more fun stuff than me and who is going to be shopping here today anyway??  Don’t you people have homes to board up?

By this point I had made my way over to the lingerie section and a woman about my age appeared in front of me.

May I help you?

Yes, you can…my mom just arrived here, she has Alzheimer’s and forgot her nightgown. Can you suggest something that would work? My heart immediately felt for her and we found the perfect nighty.

And just like that! My perspective shifted like a weather front, or a change in the wind.  I was no longer disappointed about the storm. Similar to Dorothy, I had been transported to another place by this one interaction…a place of gratitude and love.

At that moment I knew I was where I needed to be. My thoughts flowed to how lucky I am in my life.

The customer was so thankful but I am the one who is grateful now. What I know for sure is that being helpful chases away the storm clouds!!