The Measure of a Day

Palm tree

How do YOU measure a day? Is it by how much money you made? How hard you worked? “Likes” on social media?  What you “did” for someone or yourself?


If you asked Jeff Spicoli from “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” he’d say, “All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz and I’m fine.” That’s 2+ things.


“Everything around you is numbers,” said mathematician Shakuntata Devi. And while the late Stephen Hawking proclaimed that math was of little use in predicting the future, I beg to differ. I am using it to “rate” and organize my time and thereby what will make me fulfilled. From boyfriends, beer, to your waking hours and sleeping, you can put a number on it!


See below for my take on how to tally the quality of time.


Get Outside

One key ingredient to a spectacular day is to get outside.


More Time in Nature = Happiness (which contributes to peace of mind and health/wellness).


In addition to being outdoors, there are 5 factors/top priorities in my life; you create your own list. 








Give each variable a percentage weight then rank how each day was per category. Do the math at the end of every day and you know where you stand.  Make adjustments as necessary.

Greet the day with a sunrise walk on the beach 

Greet the day with a sunrise walk on the beach 

Pushing Past Your Boundaries

Another ingredient for a good day is “getting out of your comfort zone.” 


While I don’t enjoy being nervous, I do recognize that there is a feeling of apprehension before many things I do (public speaking, sailing, asking for anything). It’s a feeling that…I am a little scared yet I do it anyway because I know that growth and learning will come from it.


Growth + Learning = Good Day = Peace of Mind


I recently had a “9!”  The day consisted of waking up well rested, exercise, meeting friends and going sailing. Everything was hitting on all cylinders! Another top scoring day came from mastering and completing a project at work. I felt a sense of purpose after receiving accolades for a job well done.

Any day on the water is a good day!

Any day on the water is a good day!



When (what moment) did you feel most fulfilled during the day?  Hone in on what was gratifying and why.


Many times the moment is post-sail, as the sun is setting on the dock. I consider/discuss one thing that went right and one thing I would try to do better.


The goal is to have your head hit the pillow and know that you did the best you could have with your time.


The beauty of life is that if, upon reflection, you think you could have done better (for me that’s a 5 or below), there is a chance to start again tomorrow!



ALL THE SINGLE LADIES (or non-single): You can rate anything…including men!


Time and money are your commodities in life.  Money you can repay.  Once you’ve given your time to someone or something, it’s gone forever.


As a single gal, this tool comes in handy when considering suitors.  Anything below an 8, look elsewhere.


Whether it’s a pair of shoes or Mr. Right Now, how you spend your valuable time (and hard earned cash) is important enough to give it a number. 


I encourage you to gather some statistics and think about what makes you happy. 


Go ahead and try!  Put a number on it. A little self-reflection goes a long way and once you have some data you can track what gives you joy.


That said, maybe it’s more of a simple equation for you a la Mr. Spicoli. In fact, some days a good, honest laugh will turn a 4 into an 11!