Sweet Perceptions




The Mailboxes of Sullivan’s Island

I must have run by the mailbox over a thousand times. I thought they were all the same.


I came upon the structure during an afternoon walk on my favorite palm tree-lined, sandy, one lane street on Sullivan’s Island. (Okay all the streets on this serene slice of paradise are lined with palm trees). Anyway, it was a mailbox in the shape of an azure blue marlin! If I were a guppy he’d of swallowed me whole. Beside him was another box, though this one was black, rickety and sad looking, worn from time, wind, and salt air.

Not your average mailbox

Not your average mailbox


How could I not have noticed these before?


What else have I been running by in my life?

One of many decorative boxes on Sullivan's Island 

One of many decorative boxes on Sullivan's Island 


I felt more at ease when I remembered this short list of things that I HAVE observed and adored over time.


Helen’s Sheets


Linens just out of the dryer. As a child, we had a housekeeper named Helen; I loved her very much. She loved me too (despite my occasional precociousness). She had a bright white smile and arthritis so severe it caused paralysis in her ring fingers.  Her soft, dark skin surrounded walnut eyes that were a direct link to her uplifting spirit. She shuffled when she walked and sang when she worked.


My favorite song was “Peanut Butter and Jelly.” A faithful woman, all she wanted was her soul to be saved. She must have learned the song at church which she attended twice a week. She frequently praised the “Lawd.”


It was pure joy when she would take sheets out of the dryer and put them on the bed creating a mountain of heat and fluff.  I was drawn to it and would get a running start to propel myself onto the middle of the warm mass.  Laughing I would lay there until the hot layers cooled. This always made her laugh too.


She put molasses on my buttered toast (cut in 4 pieces) and would rub my back with rubbing alcohol when I had a fever.  While Miss Helen seemed content, I wonder if she ever went to the beach or knew the magic of the sea. 


Earth, Wind and Fire

I now live about a mile from the ocean and cannot start a list of things “not to be missed” without mentioning the dull roar of the surf. On a clear night if the wind is right, the magical rumble travels over the marsh. It is the soul and sound of the universe. I decided that this must be what the core of the earth sounds like and it is! Listen here:  https://www.wired.com/2014/01/an-artist-records-the-mysterious-rumblings-of-middle-earth/.   It is light and life in my back yard!


Slow down today 

Slow down today 


Magical Porpoises

I know it’s going to be a good day when I see a porpoise. As a matter of fact, I was delayed in writing this very sentence when I spotted a pod gracefully popping out of the waterway in line with the tide. Surely they were having brunch. Surely the day is grand! At that moment, the world stops and it seems like there is nothing more important than communing with them!  


I Could Go On…

There are an infinitesimal number of things I could go on and on about here…the aromatic flavor of peppermint tea, a sweet spring songbird in the tree. These are my favorite kinds of perceptions and I am beholden to the awareness that makes this presentation possible.


Witnessing them is a matter of timing, being still enough, and open to receiving. You will see things as you’re supposed to see them, when you are supposed to see them.


As we all know life is ever changing. So try not to rush today. Both the mail and nature will come when it comes.