Clarity Within


Are we all not seeking the truth and clarity in our lives? After soul searching, I have found that Clarity is Within. Warning: the path there can be winding.

Seeking in All the Wrong Places

Here’s a list of some of the things I’ve done in an effort to find truth and happiness: moved to a bigger city, new jobs, new men, cars, purses, shoes, marathon running, eating and drinking. I LOVED living in the big city, and I LOVE running. However, these things taken to an extreme can be addictions_everything in moderation. Seeking happiness and truth outside yourself never works.

I consistently have difficulty trusting, and command authenticity in order to connect with someone or something. If my standard is it be true, shouldn’t everyone else meet that basic Golden Rule of being honest? Am I wrong?

Not totally. Again, seeking the truth is not about others_it is about me. Truth and clarity are inside you.

Keep in mind that your perception of what is true will be different than someone else’s. Each person’s reality is unique.



“What may appear as truth to one person will often appear as untruth to another person. But that not need worry the seeker.” -Ghandi

We need look no further than inside ourselves. It is in there. During a recent yoga class, the teacher mentioned the steps below and the sequence has stuck with me.

  1. First we have to MOVE. Create some energy: exercise, yoga, move your body.
  2. Then PAUSE, observe stillness, BREATHE (which can be difficult in the hustle and bustle of life). Pausing helps us appreciate the moving and the energy created.
  3. When we pause, our mind clears and we get CLARITY. Things become clear without the chatter.
  4. With clarity comes WISDOM and TRUTH ___It just comes. Keep practicing.

Sure, a little Retail Therapy never hurt anyone, but the REAL answers are in your heart and soul. The next time you find yourself searching beyond yourself for what is true, pause for a moment and sit still as Ghandi would…seek inside, and know that your unique reality is within.